The 8 Wealth Management Issues

  Whether your wealth is valued at $10,000 or $10,000,000, it’s important that you take steps to actively address the issues that managing wealth presents. 

We have found that there are 8 Wealth Management Issues that are most important to our clients and their families. Each of these issues is interrelated, and that’s why it is critical that you have one Advisor who is knowledgeable about your complete financial picture, including your tax situation, so you can be given appropriate advice and recommendations.


 Investment Management*


In today’s investment environment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Without professional advice, taking action could be detrimental to your investment goals. Together, Barbara can help create an investment strategy that is designed just for you, with your own unique goals and needs in mind. And we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to monitor your portfolio and rebalance it as needed.



Cash Flow and Debt Management


Cash flow is the cornerstone of your wealth management plan. In addition, your debt level and credit history are important barometers of financial health. Working together, we can identify where your cash is going each month and evaluate opportunities to improve your cash flow through tax strategies such as refinancing, debt consolidation, or changing your tax withholding.


Family Risk Management


Are you prepared for the unexpected? Should something happen to you or a family member such as a disability, death, or a long-term-care need, the careful planning and investing you have so diligently developed can be unraveled in an instant. We can evaluate your current risk plans to determine if they are adequately meeting your needs at this stage of your life and as you plan for the future.


Retirement Planning*


People entering retirement today are facing concerns that retirees simply did not face 20 and 30 years ago. Barbara can partner with you to create a plan that takes into consideration  the level of assets needed to fund your vision of retirement, including likely income needs, potential tax implications, and risks that can stand in the way of realizing your vision.


Education Planning*


We can help you identify how much money you need to send your children or your grandchildren to college, determine how much you need to save, and how this dedicated investment fits with your overall investment management plan. By working with us, you can create an education  plan that does not compromise your progress in your other wealth management issues or your tax situation.


Legacy Planning


What type of legacy would you like to leave? Legacy planning is about so much more than just money. Simply stated, a legacy plan ensures that what you want to happen will happen at the time of your passing. Together, we can create a legacy plan that minimizes the estate taxes that may be incurred, and maximizes the amount of money that passes to your heirs.  


Business Planning


The demands of running your own business may leave very little time to focus on the important financial matters that can have a major impact on you, your family, your business, and your future. We can help your evaluate and implement strategies that not only protect your business, but also take advantage of opportunities that could improve the cash flow, tax situation, benefits, and bottom line of your business.


Special Situations Planning


Throughout your life, as you pursue your long term goals, some expected and unexpected needs will come your way – whether it’s planning for a wedding, taking a dream vacation, deciding to buy a second home, or facing unexpected expenses due to unforeseen events. We are here to help you determine a path to get you through whatever financial challenges and opportunities arise.



* These services are offered by Barbara Vincent through her affiliation with H.D. Vest Investment ServicesSM and H.D. Vest Advisory ServicesSM




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